There is a strong field connected to love

From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil – Page 201 Feeling the Love

It’s a very energetic and powerful thing, this love. When even the animals of the planet can feel a Human Being giving it to them, do you think that there is actual energy being transmitted with the emotion of love? When my partner gave his presentation today, he showed it to you.

When the researcher who deals with water did his experiments [Dr. Emoto], he asked the Human Beings to direct their thoughts of love into the water, and you saw the visual proof that the water changed. Indeed! What if nature responds to love? What I’m telling you is that there is a change. Indeed!

What if nature responds to love?

What if I’m telling you is that there is a very strong field connected to this emotion. It can change the chemistry within a Human. It is a field that is felt by the animals of the world. Nature even responds to it. (Interjection – As to the last two sentences, ABSOLUTELY! I have personally observed this with the last few dogs I have had the privilege to “own” through their short lives. For a variety of reasons, I contend that we don’t “own” the animals that choose to live with us. ~ Don Chapin)

So is it a stretch of your imagination to think of what it might also be doing esoterically? What if love, and the emotion of love, were interdimensional?

What kinds of effects might it also be generating around you? What if you could somehow direct the effects of this interdimensional love energy to a place? Would it make a difference?




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