Using Serious Illness as a Spiritual ToolDiane ChapinWelcoming The New Year With Clarity

We make New Year’s resolutions in the hope that they will work out, but more than likely we toss them in a drawer along with our resolve. Many of us make promises that the New Year will be different and we “hope” all our dreams will come true.

The purpose of New Year’s resolutions is to help us clarify our desires, but for most it is merely a wish list. This New Year is filled with promise, however, we must make it a realization.

Let this year begin with absolute clarity in regard to our goals and aspirations. In order to fulfill our dreams we must be very clear about their contents. If not, we receive a murky result and then blame the universe for not supporting us.

An honest assessment of our priorities crystallizes them for us. As we inventory our deepest desires we begin to realize what our focus should be.

For example, if you wish to have abundance, consider what that really means. Does it mean a comfortable life style with all bills easily paid and some extra money to spare or does it mean really being rich? In that regard what is the underlying intent? Do we hope to be abundant by being passive, or are we taking the time to invest our dreams with intent and purpose?

Clarity, purpose and intent can lead to a different immediate experience… it begins with the individual realization of our own inner understandings. As that process unfolds and we become absolutely clear, we can put our priorities in order. With our priorities in order we can begin to visualize our life increasing in every aspect and we can set about creating, through visualization and meditation, the new life we have only wished for, to date.

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool. If we are clear, for example, that we DO want to be wealthy, we see ourselves attaining our desires, we consistently visualize wealth, allowing our being to absorb that luxurious feeling. With our every action and thought we are alive to the process of creation. Our every thought and act demonstrates our purpose and intention. Throughout our visualization, we remember to give thanks.

Attaining wealth is a broad concept and, in this context, is meant to be an example. Our ideal life or desired growth should fit in with our personal style. It should relate in every aspect to increase and should add to our experience as we develop understanding of our deepest desires. As we enter into the creative process, it is helpful to create from our hearts the broadest concept we can, allowing the universe to supply the details.

As we consider our New Year’s resolutions and examine them, we can learn what they have to teach us. Are they definitive? Do they support our picture of increase in our lives? Increase in life does not just mean getting rich. It includes well-being, good relationships and an increasingly loving image of ourselves.

Our resolutions, spontaneously written, often teach us our true agendas and reveal additional opportunity for expansion and growth. They may be as simple as acquiring that new dress or just right car. Or they may be as broad as changing your life in many ways. Learning how our resolutions make us feel deep inside, we discover that some may make us anxious and that obtaining a clear focus of our concept is difficult. If so, we need to learn the reason for that anxiety. Perhaps a consideration of ourselves as successful and happy seems new and different. In viewing ourselves as complete and successful, we take a big step forward in actualizing those ideals.

It is very important to differentiate between concepts and images or pictures. A detailed image or picture will actually delay a response from the universe. In contrast, forming a concept of what we want based on our new-found clarity leads to faster and more universal results.

It is at this point that purpose and intent sees us through our anxieties, to a clear visualization of our success. Faith in our intent brings with it strength and courage to trust ourselves, knowing the universe responds positively to a clear purpose.

Clarity within ourselves is critical to a successful outcome of realizing our goals. It is important that we be clear, patient and persistent in our efforts to create a new reality. As new vistas shape our lives, we can truly enjoy living fully from our hearts, rather than from a wish list that may not come true.

Happy New Year.

~ Rev. Diane Chapin

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