Continuing from Chapter 9 of Global Shamanic Energy Work:


Basically, it’s a simple, easy-to-remember three-part visualization:

1. First, spread a thick layer of pink (love) energy all over the globe. This energy should be such that, with sufficient time, it works its way up and envelops the whole body. It is impossible to avoid it or step away from it because of the uniformity of the pink layer.

2. Then, generate a global collapsing sphere of white light heavily embedded with the concept of knowledge…of knowingness…to foster intuition in humanity.

3. And finally, activate the heart-to-heart generator between the first two layers. This serves as a human-to-human contact without regard to skin color or nationality. Alternatively, you can send a HUGE Shakti of God energy to the Great White Brotherhood to help assist in their global, galactic, and intergalactic work to spiritualize ALL beings. Yes, this also includes the planet of arachnids that I had been asked to work on, as well, during a sunset meditation.

On Sunday, Nov. 21. ’21, I meditated as I laid out my 12-plus crystal collection to place them on lighted stands. I had recently read about the Atlantian reliance on crystals for their universal power source—they used crystals in all private and public meditation areas to support purposeful meditations. Therefore, using my “Lemurian” crystal (assumed due to its striations) to energize the rest of the group with continuing emanations, I additionally visualized the spiritual pink layer traveling up through the body to help support the descending white “knowingness” layer. This produces a spiritualized knowingness.

The meditation objective is then complete. However, you could also go on to conclude with the heart-to-heart generator, “spraying” the Earth’s population with a gratitude-filled heart. (The gratitude-filled heart concept contributed by the Hathors, channeled by Tom Kenyon.)

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