Metaphorically, You Are Crossing the Bridge to a Grander Truth – A Kryon Message

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll/Kryon on July 7, 2021. Emailed to me, Don Chapin, on August 5, 2021, 0918 hrs.)

(Interjection by Don Chapin: What Kryon is stating in this brief piece is The Truth. During my brief time moderating a Healing Earth group as detailed in “Global Shamanic Healing Work,” I was often accused of being “spiritually advanced,” etc. NOT TRUE. We’re all standard human beings and part of what we call “God”… names are immaterial for All-That-Is, concepts are. Kryon through Lee Carroll, my late wife’s guides, The Buddha Consciousness – Buddha- – and various extraterrestrial cultures were particularly attracted to assist Earth and Humanity after use of “the bomb” on Japan in August 1945, as well as Humanity’s activities at the first Harmonic Convergence in August 16–17, 1987. Throughout history, enlightened beings have always incarnated in attempts to also enlighten Humanity, but that activity has been increasing, including by those humans that take advantage of that to make unwarranted claims. So, be judicious and treat everyone as simply a fellow-god in human clothing, no more, no less. 🙂


That non-changing, beautiful Source of Energy, that is the Creator of Love, will always be the same, but the relationship of the consciousness of an evolving Human Being will change. And this is who you are. Come a little closer.

The revelation in the “Circle of Twelve” is this: you’re bigger than you were ever told. The plan, and there is one, is bigger than you were ever told.

God, the word that you use, is not a Father in the sky to be worshiped, ever. That has never been the plan. The plan is: that you have always been part of the Creative Source. Your soul is part of It — You were never told that not really.

A grander truth, dear ones, is at hand. The truth is so grand that it goes so far beyond anything, truly, that you can imagine.

So far beyond it, some will not go there. They will say impossible. They will say it’s stupid, it’s crazy.

How many Masters have visited this planet, in the many cultures you have? You know some. You don’t know others.

Some are Indigenous Masters who have come and shown what they can do. And they never said, “I am that which is so special.” They will say, “I’m born a Human Being. I’ve come here to show you what a Human Being can do.” Not a normal Human Being perhaps, but a Human Being filled with the Light of God.

Filled perhaps in a higher level than would match anyone around them at the time, but filled to such a degree that they would be seen Angelic, perhaps worshiped, perhaps even killed because they were just a little too special.

All through your history, dear ones, you have been shown a bigger truth.

Can your thoughts change physics? Yes. Can your thoughts alone generate enough energy in a certain way to change the very cells in your body, to chase away disease and pain? Yes.

Are these things so unusual that only Angelic, higher-thinking, higher energy beings can do them? (A concept initially conceived by India’s ancient Hindu “wise men” regarding Shakti. ~ Don Chapin) Here is the answer I want you to hear. In an old energy, probably, but not in this energy because you see, you’re a little closer. In fact, you’re a lot closer.

Come a little closer means this: I want you to see what the Masters told you that you could be. I want you to see something you didn’t expect.

And so it is.

(Beautiful! ~ Don Chapin)

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