Sunset Observations - Deep Space, by Don Chapin. Image of sunset with night sky and stars

Deep Space

Sunset meditation…I found myself in deep space and it felt like HOME. I was aware of being tasked with (requested) helping raise a planet and the beings populating it to higher consciousness. Took a closer look at the inhabitants and, surprise, they turned out to be arachnids!! Since, in this present incarnation, I have a quite strong dislike for them, this was QUITE a surprise, but a ‘being’ is a being so, to work.

What this peak experience did, however, was refresh an intention to make the REAL “ET” situation (not the once-pertinent and popular UFO B.S.) better known, so I began a search to see what files I could recover from the “wannacry” file destruction…from when I had a website dedicated to this topic and made a video over ten years ago concerning the extraterrestrial situation at the time. I know the ET situation has shifted since then, particularly with respect to the greys and lizzies, but those files that are pertinent are to be resurrected on as a fourth ‘hot topic.’ Also, since I often sensed an unknown but accompanying presence during certain meditatios, I expanded on the topic in the appendices of my book, Global Shamanic Healing Work.

In my still-undestructed files remaining form the wannacry destruction, I found a discussion and transcript concerning an ET encounter I’d had in the mountains west of Reno and a communication with those extraterrestrials that evening through Michelene Bell, who had started the metaphysical Reno-to-Las Vegas newspaper, In Light Times. (At another time, to be better documented in Book # 13, it was also Michelene’s channeling that had alerted Diane and I to a VERY dangerous situation in our townhouse that had been facilitated by a “Trojan horse” house guest.)



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